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  Boating Info 2017 CANAL SEASON MAY 19, 2017 - October 11, 2017
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"The Erie Canal is our 2nd Main Street."
-- Fritz May, Mayor of Fairport

Fairport welcomes boaters
The Erie Canal is open and our friendly dockmasters are awaiting you!

If you are planning to visit Fairport, check out our boater information (dockmaster hours, amenities, overnight docking fees, etc.) and interesting facts about our unique Liftbridge and trolley station turned dockmaster's hut.

Don't miss our Farmers Market on Saturdays and special events, such as Fairport Canal Days in June or the Fairport Music Festival in August.

If you are a first-time visitor or if you haven't been to Fairport in a while, here are some new things that await you:

  • Our canal-side improvement project, immediately to the east of the Liftbridge, brings you improved site amenities (new retaining wall, lighting, benches, trash receptacles, brickpavers) and beautiful new landscaping. 
  • Further down east, past the Parker Street bridge, our award-winning docking and promenade project extends the public access to the canal, including new boat docks, a pocket park, landscaping, new lighting and other site amenities.
  • The backdrop for the new promenade is a beautiful residential development with 48 condo units that is about to break ground.

Thanks for visiting Fairport and have a great time!

In the News:

Time Out NY: NY State of Mind - Canal Days (2015-05)
D&C: Fairport lift bridge is one-of-a-kind (2015-04-02)

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"The Village and the Canal are the heart of the community. We have a lot of great retail here and we work hard to bring in those that fit with the community's character."

News articles about Fairport and other happenings in the Village
RBJ: Commercial tenants taken in by local villages' charms (2017-03-10)
13WHAM: Fairport gets its first Greenlight district (2017-03-02)
13WHAM: Historic Fairport church to include performing arts space (2016-07-29)
Fpt-EastRoc Post: Fairport named 'Coolest Small Town in America' finalist (2016-04-27)

CBS News: Old films found in attic bring long-lost love story back to life (2015-07-31)
Time Out NY: NY State of Mind - Canal Days (2015-05)
D&C: Fairport lift bridge is one-of-a-kind (2015-04-02)
Fairport Deputy Mayor, Kevin Clark, presented village highlights. Pictures Presentation

Rochester City Newspaper: At home on the canal (2014-12-03)
D&C: Canal in Fairport a great way to spend the day (2014-08-05)
Fpt-EastRoc Post: Yawman house, barn designated historic landmark (2014-07-17)
D&C: Fairport tags former telephone building as historic (2014-03-07)

USA Today: Things to do in Fairport, NY
Rochester Magazine: Fairport entrepreneur "can't live without walks through Fairport"
FairportLibrary.org: Library relocation project deferred (2011-02-22)
Democrat & Chronicle:Fairport prominent in Perinton's history (2011-02-01)
Los Angeles Times:New York's Erie Canal by boat (2011-01-23)

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  Business News FIND IT IN FAIRPORT    
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"It's the Main Street character that makes Fairport so charming and welcoming. We need to support our small businesses to retain this flair."

Fairport businesses on one website: www.finditinfairport.com

RBJ: Musician finds his rhythm (2016-10-28)
RBJ: LiDestri expands, rebrands (2016-09-23)
RBJ: The Inn on Church - Pair to open Fairport inn (2016-09-09)
D&C: Triphammer Bierwerks opens in Fairport (2016-09-09)
Finance-Yahoo.com: LiDestri, Iron Smoke Whiskey mix it up (2016-08-01)

RBJ: Company grows from backyard hunch (2015-07-31) Iron Smoke Whiskey
Fpt-EastRoc Post: Sew Creative turns 40 (2015-05-04)
RBJ: Hands-on novices make wine their way (2015-03-06)

RBJ: New setting expands store's rhythmic offerings (2014-07-25)
RBJ: This Fairport shop fine-tunes for its growth (2014-07-11)
RBJ: Family store continues Italian food tradition (2014-07-11)
13wham.com: Mr. Dominic's opens second location in Fairport (June 2014)
PRweb.com: Walker Metalsmith Celtic Jewelry marks fifth year in Fairport (2014-05-27)
PRweb.com: Fairport native joins Walker Metalsmith Celtic Jewelry (2014-05-19)
D&C: Culinary trip through Fairport (2014-03-14)
RBJ.net: Rhythm Connect reopens in Fairport (2014-02-03)
D&C: Fairport Brewing planted at center of village (2014-02-03)

D&C: Fairport Brewing to hold Grand Opening (2013-11-13)
RocHomepage.net: Former Fairport gas station transformed into brewery (2013-08-15)
Fpt-EastRoc Post: Fairport Brewing Company moving to Main Street (2013-04-25)
RocHomepage.net: Historic Fairport gas station gets new fill-up (2013-04-10) video
D&C: Fairport Brewing to open retail spot, launch Kickstarter campaign (2013-04-11) 
RocHomepage.net: Historic Fairport gas station awaits new tenant (2013-03-28) video
Fpt-EastRoc Post: Fairport site reborn as roadside attraction (2013-03-28) 
Fpt-EastRoc Post: Former service station named historical landmark(2013-02-21)
Fpt-EastRoc Post: New frozen yogurt cafe to open next weekend (2013-02-21)

Fpt-EastRoc Post: New Fairport brewery hops to it (2013-01-08)

D&C: Lombardi's gifts for gourmets (2012-12-14)
D&C: Joey B's celebrating 20th anniversary (2012-12-14)
D&C: Fairport Brewing Company open for business (2012-12-12)
Fpt-EastRoc Post: Fairport bike shop celebrates 40th anniversary (2012-09-27)
D&C: Enlarged Fairport cafe many-faceted (2012-08-23)
Fpt-EastRoc Post: Red Bird Market to celebrate 4th birthday (2012-04-25)
WXXI Innovation Trail: Flour City Pasta: Old-fashioned food for locavore set (2012-01-09)

Fairport-East Rochester Post: Main Street Mercantile's 5th anniversary (2011-06-22)
Fairport-East Rochester Post: Get your licks at Lickety Splits (2011-06-13)
Fairport-East Rochester Post: Cake, and cookies, and pie, Oh my! (2011-05-19)
Fairport-East Rochester Post: Red Bird Market turns 3 (2011-05-09)
Fairport-East Rochester Post: Celtic jeweler gets international attention (2011-03-24)
Fairport-East Rochester Post: Jozeppi's Pizzeria - A slice of life (2011-03-04)
Fairport-East Rochester Post: Diane Prince Furniture a "well-kept" secret (2011-02-14) Rochester Business Journal: Small-town market finding a place in Fairport (2011-01-21) Fairport-East Rochester Post: Fat Jack's Pizza a tasty team effort (2011-01-21)

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"Fairport is a gorgeous little village with beautiful storefronts, a river walk and public docking facilities. It reminded me of Niagara on the Lake with beautifully restored architecture, colourful overflowing flower baskets and a variety of shopping and dining opportunities."
-- Blog entry at www.travelandtransitions.com: Hello from Rochester: A perfect getaway for stressed out Torontonians (and other urbanites)

Spreading the word about Fairport
The Village of Fairport welcomes travel writers, media tours and tour groups and is happy to brag about what makes Fairport so charming. Here is a snapshot of who visited recently and who we are looking forward to:

June 2, 2015 - Jonathan Tourtellot, geotourism editor for National Geographic and a consultant specializing in sustainable tourism and destination stewardship. (Bio)

May 5, 2015 - Nicholas Winslow, travel and attractions consultant from Pasadena, CA, who specializes in commercial recreation projects, including museum, theme parks, performing art centers, arenas, ampitheaters, stadiums and retail centers.

July 28, 2014 - Buffalonews.com, a Special to the News by Christine Smyczynski highlights some of Fairport's small businesses and restaurants.
To truly enjoy a trip to the Rochester area, it takes two villages (2014-07-28)

June 6/7, 2014 - Media Tour, I Love NY / NYS Canal Corporation, brought five domestic and international travel writers to Fairport Canal Days to experience one of the largest festivals of its kind. View PICTURES. Resulting coverage:
D&C: Travel writers tour Erie Canal (2014-06-06)
Philadelphia Sun: NY state of mind - The Finger Lakes (2014-06-28)
Italian newspaper ANSAUSA: Cruising the Erie Canal (English) (2014-07-09)
Chinese newspapers Jiefang Daily and 21st Century Business Herald (if you can read it)

May 30, 2014 - RBJ, Mike Costanza interviews Fairport OCED director on the topic 
Erie Canal tourism important to communities

May 13, 2014 - USAe, the weekly newspaper of Associations, CVBs and Hotels notes "Fairport Canal Days is one of the biggest events of its kind celebrating the historic Erie Canal."
Fairport Canal Days


August 23, 2013 - Gavin Landry, the new director of "I Love New York," came to visit Fairport as part of his Erie Canal famililarization tour. The OCED director showed him around the village, discussed our latest canal-side construction projects and the importance of canal tourism. With the renewed focus on Upstate NY as a tourist destination, it was great to see Fairport included on the list of "must sees."

June 26, 2013 - Journey along the Erie Canal: The 17-day, 350 mile bikeride made a stop in Fairport to raise awareness for the ability inside all people with disabilities. Visit website and view PICTURES

June 21, 2013 - A film crew came to Fairport to shoot a promotional video for the NYS Canal Corporation, focusing on the modern canal.

September 2012- Pat Piper, associate editor of "BoatU.S. Magazine," visited Fairport and talked to one of our dockmasters. Read article

July 18, 2012- Debbie Stack, co-author of "Cruising America's Waterways: The Erie Canal," visited Fairport to shoot a segment for "Erie Canal Minutes" produced by PBS and Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor. The 90 second video clips were first presented at the NYS Canal Conference in Oswego and are now available for viewing online.

July 7, 2012 - Valerie D'Elia, travel writer for The Today Show, NY #1 and YNN, visited Fairport, ate at Towpath Cafe and filmed a family on a Mid-Lakes Navigation canal boat. A story on the Erie Canal (and Fairport) could make it to National TV! Be on the look-out. Read article and view video

End of June, 2012 - Karen Rubin is an eclectic travel writer who has been spanning the globe for more than 30 years to discover the best ways to explore places and experience cultures and destinations. She publishes Travel Features Syndicate travelwritersmagazine.com/TravelFeaturesSyndicate/, is the National Eclectic Travel Examiner at examiner.com, and blogs at goingplacesnearandfar.wordpress.com. "Travel is a life-changing and an interactive experience that mutually benefits travelers and community."

Read her article "Journey by boat and bike along the Erie Canal: Macedon-Fairport-Pittsford" (examiner.com: July 11, 2012)
Read her column "Americans still can be exceptional" in which Fairport is mentioned (theislandnow.com: July 12, 2012)

June 28, 2012 - Great Race: Antique/vintage cars rallied around the Great Lakes and made a stop in Fairport. By the way, last year's winners were from Fairport and they were the first ones to roll into their hometown this year (view picture)! Fairport was awarded "Best Lunch Stop City" by Great Race organizers! Read article and view PICTURES

May 3, 2012 - Spare Seat Expedition: Two British adventureres kayak from BUF to NYC and stopped in Fairport for dinner and some roof top fun at Mulconry's Irish Pub and Restaurant. The kayakers brought along a travel magazine editor and a photographer and they are blogging their experiences on the Spare Seat Blog.

"... it is a quick lift to Fairport to eat, meet and greet and sleep on a canal barge from Mid Lakes Boat Company. We change in minutes and are off to reload the food and energy deficit eating at Mulconry’s Irish Bar. It is a riot and Damien Mulconry, the Irish owner is loads of fun. Whilst in residence a huge storm with torrential rain, thunder and lightening passes through. We are forced to remain in the safety and sanctuary of the bar…Happy Days."

Thanks to I Love NY and Visit Rochester for making us part of this adventure. Read press release and column in the Huffington Post about Paddling the Erie Canal. Richard Harpham: "You have a series of paradises here along the Canal."

I Love NY, New York State Division of Tourism, achieved 'Gold Standard' in the Best PR Strategic Campaign category for their unique Spare Seat Kayak Expedition across New York State. The World Travel Awards are the "Oscars in the Travel Industry" in the U.K.

April 13, 2012 - UK Travel Channel: Crew of three filmed segment for "American Times" show, which will air in November and reaches an audience of 68 million viewers! Read article View video

February 17, 2012 - Nancy Davidson, travel writer and food critic from Brooklyn, NY who writes for Edible Manhattan, Relish and American Profile.


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  Publication Features FAIRPORT PICTURES    
. . . . .
Fairport Canal Days
"The big thing is, it puts Fairport on the map."
-- Keith Boas, Fairport photographer, about his award-winning Erie Canal shots.

Fairport has been featured in many local, regional and state-wide publications
It is a great honor and tribute to years of relationship-building and talented local photographers that many organizations choose pictures of Fairport for their publications to illustrate the charm of an Erie Canal village.

2015 I Love New YorkNew York State Travel Guide, pages 42/43 

I Love New York/NYS Canal Corporation display at 2015 Empire State Tourism Conference in Albany

2015 Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor, Calendar 

3rd place winner Keith Boas: Moonrise over Fairport

2014 I Love New York, New York State Travel Guide, pages 42/43 

2014 Amtrak, New York By Rail Guide, back cover

2014 Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor, CalendarPress release
2nd place winner Keith Boas: Lift Bridge on Snowy Evening
2nd place winner Kathy Eichorn: Kayakers in the Water 

2013 NYS Economic Development Council, Conference Brochure

2013 Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor, Calendar
2 1st place wins for Keith Boas: Fairport at Dawn, Jogging in a Snowstorm

2012 Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor, Calendar
1st place Lois Ann Matteson: Early Morning
2nd place Keith Boas: Evening in December

2012 Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor, Erie Canalway Map & Guide

2011 Visit Rochester, Visitor Guide - The Erie Canal

2010 I Love NY, NYS Travel Guide - Finger Lakes Region

2009 Visit Rochester, Visitor Guide - Cover
2009 Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor, Annual Report



. . . . .
  Boating Info 2014 CANAL SEASON + 100th ANNIVERSARY of LIFT BRIDGE    
. . . . .

"Of the over 300 bridges on the Erie Canal, the Fairport Lift Bridge is far and away the most beautiful and unique. This singularity stems from her stunning beauty and sleek design, understated elegance, and brilliance of her heart and soul - the hidden magical things that make her function and make her who she is - the sparkling Queen of Canal Bridges."
-- Thomas X. Grasso, President of Canal Society of New York State

Fairport is ready for boaters
The Erie Canal officially opened on May 3rd and is now closed until next spring. See you in 2015!

Our canal-side improvement project, immediately to the east of the Liftbridge, brings you improved site amenities (new retaining wall, lighting, benches, trash receptacles, brickpavers) and beautiful new landscaping. 

Further down east, past the Parker Street bridge, our award-winning docking and promenade project extends the public access to the canal, including new boat docks, a pocket park, landscaping, new lighting and other site amenities.

The backdrop for the new promenade will be a beautiful residential development with 48 condo units that is currently underway.

If you are planning to visit Fairport, check out our boater information (dockmaster hours, amenities, overnight docking fees, etc.) and interesting facts about our unique Liftbridge and trolley station turned dockmaster's hut.

Fairport lift bridge turns 100!
"The bridge is working. Long live the bridge." ~The Fairport Herald, 1914

Our lift bridge sure is one of a kind and this year the village celebrates the 100th anniversary of its construction. Check out our brochure outlining the history of the bridge, the festivities and historic pictures. When you are at the canal, notice the commemorative flags. When you are out wining and dining, be on the lookout for the lift bridge fun fact coasters and see if you know the answers to the trivia questions. 

Lift Bridge Centennial Celebration, August 15 at 6:30 pm. View pictures

Media coverage
OCED: Press release 
D&C: Erie Canal bridge gets birthday party
RochesterHomepage.net: Fairport to celebrate 100 years of lift bridge

. . . . .
  2014 New York State Canal Conference GENEVA: September 21 - 23, 2014    
. . . . .
Conference theme: "In Harmony With Nature, People + Products: The Finger Lakes Canal System"

Great presentations, good company, interesting field trips
The NYS Canal Society is delivered a packed schedule of presentations, panel discussions, mobile workshops and entertainment for participating canal experts and enthusiasts. OCED Executive Director, Kal Wysokowski, served once again as the Conference Chair. 


View entire photo album

Finger Lakes Times: NYS canal conference coming to Geneva (2014-09-15)
RBJ: Geneva plays host to state canal conference (2014-09-19)

Sunday started off with Kick-Back Sunday festivities at the Geneva Ramada Lakefront Hotel, kayaking along the canal, boat tours on Seneca Lake and a reception at the Smith Opera House with lively showtunes performances.

"The 2014 New York State Canal Conference showcased the Finger Lakes Region and Cayuga-Seneca Canal as well as Seneca Lake and the City of Geneva,” said Conference Chair Kal Wysokowski. “Our program included keynote speakers Mr. Robert Gioia, Chairman of Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation, Mr. John Robinson, from Our Ability Tour, and Mr. Gavin Landry, Executive Director of Tourism, I LOVE NY. A number of break-out sessions focued on critical issues such as eco-tourism, crafting the nomination of the canal barge system for the National Register of Historic Places, and a close look at the economic impact of the Canalway Trail from Parks and Trails New York. Mobile workshops took us to the Erie Canal Heritage Park at Port Byron and the Lyons Dry Dock.”

The conference was being copresented by the NYS Canal Corporation and the Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor. Other major sponsors include Brookfield Renewable Energy Group, Bergmann Associates and AJ Costello & Son Development.

Download the brochure outlining conference highlights and activities and find registration and reservation information here.

Read the press release and event info to find out what event organizers had to say.  

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